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Contact information

Production Nibe Festival

Main Stage: Morten Færk – tlf. +45 2236 6550 / E-mail:
Blue Stage: Rune Jensen – tlf. +45 2076 7945 / E-mail:
‘Reservatet’: Henrik Koch – tlf. +45 2372 3536 / E-mail:
‘Den Lille Fede’: Thomas Becker – tlf. +45 3098 1448 / E-mail: 

Show Schedule – All Stages

Main Stage  (uploaded June 6, 2019)

Blue Stage  (uploaded June 18, 2019)

‘Reservatet’   (uploaded June 6, 2019)

‘Den Lille Fede’    (uploaded June 6, 2019)


Bandservice: Phone: +45 2097 4618

After check-in – in chek-in 1 or 2, we reccomend that the band or the tour manager contacts Band Service. Band Service has an office in the Secretariat town near Skal Pavillonen.

In Backstage Check-In you will get wristbands attached. All artists and technicians must appear in person, and all must carry valid wristbands allowing acces to bacstage or the audience area all day. Guests will get wristband for the day the artists performs.

It is not allowed to be in the area without valid wristband. Our security should react if they encounter people without a valid wristband – also backstage.

You cannot get wristbands inside the festival area – only in Backstage Check In 1 and 2.


Contact: Tulle Trikker
Phone: +45 2929 0617

In each dressingroom there is free coffee, tea, fruit, beer and water. Further servicing is in accordance with the forwarded contracts and additional contract agreements. These contracts must be mailed to Tulle Trikker.

In the Backstage area you also find a restaurant, a bar and a café – popularly called ‘Sandbergsminde’. Here you can buy various foods, such as a lunch buffet, menu of the day, vegetarian foods and a few à la carte dishes.

The food is NOT fast-food.

For table reservations at Sandbergsminde and to get further information in relation to the above, please contact Tulle Trikker. 


Main stage : Frank Megabody 
Blue stage : Jonny Hefty & Jøden 
Reservatet : GEO
Den Lille Fede: Kristian Petersen

Dressing Rooms

Contact: Tulle Trikker
Phone: +45 2929 0617

The dressing rooms are placed centrally near ‘Sandbergsminde’. It is ordinary standard lockable pavilions with tables, chairs, mirrors, ashtrays and towels.

Normally, the changing rooms are reserved 2 hours prior to the performance and 1 hour after the performance. If no special agreement is made and stated in the contract or additional contract, we kindly ask you to respect these reservations.

Driving Permissions

Contact: Annette Strauss

You must order driving permissions to bring cars for the band and technical support into the festival area.

Driving permissions is not issued for the band´s guests.

To send you driving permissions we need the following information, which you send by e-mail to Annette Strauss:

  • The name of the band/artist
  • Number of trucks / technical support cars
  • Number of band cars / busses
  • Name, e-mail-address and mobile phone number to the person where we can send the driving permissions. 

Driving permissions will be sent to you by e-mail from mid-June.


Electrical Dept.
Morten Hejlesen 
Phone +45 2945 8884 


The Nibe Festival was founded in 1985. It is a yearly event that takes place the first week of July. The festival is located in a forest, called Skal Skoven, which is only 500 meters from downtown Nibe. 

Address: Skalvej 24, DK-9240 Nibe 
Phone: +45 9835 0006 
e-Mail: or


Responsible for Economy
Kristina Baggesen
Phone: +45 9671 8884

If you prefer wire transfer one day before the show, please mail CVR no. or CPR no. together with other salary details before May 31st. to Kristina Baggesen. Wire transfer is implemented only if we possess the necessary salary information.

If you prefer cash settlement, please inform Kristina Baggesen before May 31st.

The Economy Office is located in the building opposite the Secretariat.

Other payments should be completed by August 15th., when required salary details is submittet to Kristina Baggesen.

Guest list – artist/band, crew and guests

Contact: Annette Strauss

Agencies and Tour Managers administrates themselves band- and guest lists via the database of Nibe Festival.

To provide you acces to the database, we need the following informations about the band:

  • Contact person / Tour Manager
    (name, mobile phone and email-address)
  • Number of band members
  • Number of crew members
    (Crew members will not be provided with a guest list)

When we have received the informations, you will get an e-mail-confirmation that the band list has been created. The e-mail also contains a username, a password and instructions how to enter the names in the database. Username and password are unique.

This way, you will, as tour manager / contact person, have maximum flexibility if a  name on the guest list must be changed. This you can administrate when and where it suits you. This also means that Backstage Check In runs smoothly and much faster.

Rules of accreditation 

  • Band- and crew members are accredited to scene passes
  • Guests are not accredited to scene passes
  • Crew members can not bring guests
  • A band member can bring one guest with access (audience or backstage) on the day of the concert
  • If you want certain individual guests to only be accredited for audience passes, please inform Annette Strauss. 

Light and sound

Main Stage
Victory, Sindalsvej 11, DK-8240 Risskov
Phone: +45 7023 0175 
Contact: Jesper Danius Sørensen

Main Stage: Tech spec – 2019-1  –  2019-2.

Blue Stage
Profox, Fabriksparken 13, DK-9230 Svenstrup
Phone: +45 72 344 622
Contact: Martin Krogfelt

Blue Stage: Tech spec – 3D – Front – Side –  Top 

‘Reservatet’ and ‘Den Lille Fede’ 
Dreamland Studio, Hovvej 4B, 9240 Nibe 
Phone: + 45 9835 2021 
Contact: Thomas Becker 

Reservatet: Spec 
Den Lille Fede: Spec 


Main Stage: Søren Egebæk – tlf. +45 2097 4618 / e-Mail:
Blue Stage: Rune Jensen – tlf. +45 2076 7945 / e-Mail:
‘Reservatet’: Henrik Koch – tlf. +45 2372 3536 / e-Mail:

Merchandise can be sold on the festival ground. For further information, please contact the contact of the scene.

Sales facility can be used by artist 1 hour before, during and 1 hour after concert.

If you wish to forward merchandise prior to the festival, this can only be done as agreed with your contact (abowe). Send merchandise to the following address: Nibe Festival, Industrivej 5, DK-9240 Nibe.


Normally we allow photographers in front of the stage, the first 15 min of the show – without flash. However, it is entirely the artist´s decision. If you do not permit photographers, please inform the stage personnel or the guards and the festival management by e-mail

Nibe Festival has a number of official photographer who take pictures (still/video) to, ‘Magasvinet’ and the dayly newspaper of the festival.

We kindly ask you to be flexible in regards to those who hold ID which clearly shows that they are the festival´s official photographers.


Contact: Peter Møller Madsen
Phone: +45 2095 9901/+45 9835 0006

If you have specific wishes in this regard please contact Peter Møller Madsen.

Safety during concert

Before the concert, channels of command will be established and agreed upon between the artist/the manager and the security manager.

During the concert a stage manager and a security manager with authority to take action/make decisions in emergency situations always will be present on stage. The security manager continuously is in contact with guards in front of the stage as well as guards among the audience.

Sandbergsminde and off-stage

‘Sandbersminde’ is a Backstage area with a restaurant, a bar and a café. It is located in the middle of the forest near the changing rooms. ‘Sandbergsminde’ provides a pleasant and relaxing atmosphere in ‘quiet’ surroundings for the artists, guests, press, etc.

If you are into partying you can visit the backstage bar ‘Off Stage’ – also located in the ‘Sandbergsminde’ area – backstage.

Stage managers

ain stage: Morten Færk – Phone: +45 2236 6550 / E-mail:
Blue stage: Rune Jensen – Phone: +45 2076 7945 / E-mail:
Reservatet: Henrik Koch – Phone: +45 2372 3536 / E-mail:

Television and Radio

The festival guarantees that no television or radio stations will be allowed to transmit from the festival without a written acceptance from the artist or their representative. We hope for cooperation from the artist.


Coming from the south, turn off the freeway at no. 31 (519), south of the city of Støvring. 

Coming from the north, turn off the freeway at no. 28 (187).

Signs will guide you to Nibe.

In Nibe, signs will guide you to the festival grounds.

Back Stage Check-In 1: Main Stage, ‘Reservatet’ and ‘Den Lille Fede’
Back Stage Check-In 2: Blue Stage

GPS address: Skalvej 24, DK-9240 Nibe.

Map: Festival Area